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Golpear celebrates the unyielding art of dressing. It fuses aesthetics, threads, and technology to create lively fabrics to underline the personality. We extend you the vibrant fashion essentials of the hour with uncompromising quality. Begin the trend of coming age with Golpear garb. Attempts to manufacture countless brand products have made itself a suzerain of an array. Satiating the fashion needs of numerous Indian brands, merchant explorers as well as international brands, Golpear quenches the fashion thirst of consumers from Asia, the middle east, Europe, and Africa. A trading tradition of palpable clothing quest, Golpear behold the diverse and fluorescent garment fonds with respect. It is your sign to begin the true attire.

Founder’s Note

Our company acquires strength from our team. We as a team worked together to meet challenges in the industry. To meet the everyday challenge and to approach it scientifically and transform the hurdles into possibilities as a path to success. Attempts from highly qualified and talented employees and Directors make this venture advance; In fact, they keep this irreplaceable. We envision our success target to be quality and innovation for eternity. Making the impossible possible is the way we believe as our team. In every stage of our growth, we have encountered challenges. Challenges make us stronger than ever as a group and keep us ahead.


Trade connected the people beyond the lands and prescriptions of boundaries since early civilizations. Inland and oceanic trade networks fascinated history creating wonders in the market making the world always a better place to live in. Human relationships prospered through trade and the bilateral culture surrounding the trade. India has been an integral part of the realm of business and trading since time immemorial.

We conceptualize and imagine redrawing the patterns, styles, and traditions within the global apparel market to create a change that can keep fascinating global trends. Golpear is a group of professionals with experience of over a decade, exhibiting unbound strength to bring forth innovative/imaginative designs as well as to manufacture the best. In this new world apparel economy, India has been the prominently best manufacturer, contributing the best quality into the global market. Golpear produces the best quality apparel in the market/ GOLPEAR produces apparel of irreplaceable quality in the market space.

A team of experienced professionals embedded with passionate designers bridges us as one of the potentially best manufacturing groups in India. Our team has always exhibited immense talent. Our team is what we offer to you/Our team is what you need the best/ our team is what we offer you the best.


We as a team believe in ” becoming ” the best. Becoming is never fixed nor will be ever fixed. It is a continuous process of self-improvising; we dare to improve in every second to give the best possible product of the moment to make every moment better. We believe in the boundless potentials immanent within our team. Materializingspontaneous imagination into creative designs of ample product value, meeting with fashion quests of the era is our peculiarity. We head towards drafting the best outfit for your fashion needs.
Apparel manufacturing is an art of imagination materializing that needs a highly qualified team of professionals. Our team with expertise spanning over a decade is the best to offer you.
We as a team are capable of manufacturing standardized designs for the brands. The strength and capacity of our team alone stands in this procedure making it one of the best approaches for manufacturing as per the requirements of the client. Our experience embedded with the team strength makes us the best quality manufacturing unit.


It dawned upon us to in time become the most delicate company to weave imaginations and thereby provide a plethora of outfit solutions. We endeavor to be equipped with Savant features with consistency as its key point of attraction and device a robust communicative mechanism. To widen the possibility all around the globe, optimizing the lead time with a superior control system is our priority. Availability of stoutish attire to make every day a heyday for all becomes our concern.

Our Strength

Highly professional designers bringing out new innovation and designs.

Highly efficient and competitive sourcing

Mechanization of the processes to enhance quality and efficiency.

Continuous improvement and development of the workforce through training and employee programs.

Our story

Kindred spirits joined hands to knit better dreams. Tied up together from transverse regions in Kerala, these young talents paved the way for eminent textorial history. IN 2004, the team began to exhibit its strength by making work-based garments at an industrial unit located in Ahmedabad Gujarat India which focused on domestic consumers and exporters as a proprietary concern. The journey took a piquant turn once the company got shifted to our native in VALANCHERY MALAPPURAM KERALA INDIA embedded with around 250 stitching and ancillary machines. The Company, then, opened the possibility of accommodating more sewing machines in and around south India. Moreover, it is now looking forward to producing around 80,0000 garments per month.

Committed to our uncompromising thirst for the quality we are glad for the diligent customer service we could provide. This technology-driven company realized that manufacturing processes are better through continuous improvement and thus more pondering was done in the field.

Often the rear labor force largely escapes notice. Here we are, privately owned and professionally handled, guaranteeing highly skilled dedicated staff members. We uphold their service in making the best possible products over the past 14 years.

Deviating from the usual monolithic material availability, our vertical integration allowed us to produce all kinds of cotton, linen, and blended fabrics, ranging from high-quality cotton, Egyptian cotton, and pure linen fabrics according to the customer demand. Not to mention our major specialization in the sartorial zone.

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