Code Of Conduct

Equal Opportunities for Employment

GOLPEAR is an equal opportunity provider because it does not discriminate on the basis of their gender, caste, religion, age (within legal limits), marital status, nationality, ethnicity, ethnicity, geographical origin, sexual orientation, disability or any other reason. Other features protected by law relating to employment terms such as appointment, promotion, transfer, compensation, benefits, career development opportunities. Managers are expected to make career-related decisions based on the individual’s qualifications. Do not discriminate against any person because of personal characteristics / traits.

Workplace Free OF Harassment

GOLPEAR recognizes and respects every employee’s right to a harmless workplace. Therefore, it is hoped that employees will ensure a healthy, safe and suitable work environment free from harassment of any kind. In this regard, employees are prohibited from harming any kind of memory, physical, verbal, mental or sexual. It involves all sorts of objectionable, offensive, offensive, insulting and intimidating behaviors, whether obvious or simple. The company sets the ‘Zero Tolerance’ criteria for harassment. It is our responsibility to ensure that we avoid

Prohibition of child labor

GOLPEAR strictly prohibits the employment of child labor at its plants and offices. All employees at GOLPEAR responsible for hiring of staff are required to ensure that this principle is upheld.

Environmental Protection

GOLPEAR endeavors to protect the communities they operate in, their surrounding environments and the world as a whole.  Towards this end all employees are expected to comply with applicable environmental laws and requirements.

Substance Abuse

All employees are expected to maintain a drug – free environment at workplace and refrain from substance abuse of any form while performing your duty within premises or outside of it. Employees are also prohibited from selling, distributing, possessing or encouraging others to use controlled substances.

Open door communication

GOLPEAR believes that the work environment should be free from any kind of bureaucracy and all employees must have access to other employees regardless of their position or influence in the company.  All managers are expected to foster an open door culture at the workplace.

Honesty & Integrity

 All employees are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of honesty and integrity in their conduct at all time while representing GOLPEAR and conducting business on behalf of GOLPEAR.  Towards this end, every employee is required to be straightforward and honest in their professional and business relationships, be truthful about the services provided, the knowledge possessed and experienced gained.

Respect for all 

All employees are expected to demonstrate respect and trustworthy behavior in their dealings with other employees as well as externals take holders.

Team spirit 

All employees are expected to uphold the spirit of team work and ensure that the best interest of the team and Company prevails at all times.

Violation of the Code

(Reporting Concerns) Each employee must report actual or potential violation of this code of conduct or applicable laws to the Company’s Vigilance and Ethics Officer.