Code Of Conduct

EqualOpportunitiesfor employment

GOLPEAR is an equal opportunity provider and does not discriminate against any person because oftheir gender, caste, religion, age, nationality etc.Workplace free of harassment:
GOLPEAR recognizes and respects the right of every employee to a harassment free workplace. Hence, employees are expected to ensure a healthy, safe and conducive work environment that isfree from harassment of any kind orform. Towards this, employees are prohibited from indulging in harassment of any kind orform – whether physical, verbal, psychological, or sexual in nature. This includes all types of unwelcome, offensive, demeaning and intimidating behaviours, whether explicit orimplicit. The Company sets a standard of ‘zero tolerance’ for harassment.

Workplace free from violence

GOLPEAR will not tolerate workplace violence in any form either within premises or outside where company related activities are carried out. Employees are expected to not indulge in workplace violence. They must not encourage others towards it as well.

Prohibition of child labour

GOLPEAR strictly prohibits the employment of child labour at its plants and offices. All employees at GOLPEAR responsible for hiring of staff are required to ensure that this principle isupheld.

Environmental Protection

GOLPEAR endeavours to protect the communities they operate in, their surrounding environments and the world as a whole. Towards this end all employees are expected to comply with applicable environmental laws and requirements.

Environment,Health &Safety

GOLPEAR is committed to provide its employees a safe, healthy, and ergonomically sound working environment. The company willtake all possiblemeasuresto ensurehealth and safety ofits employees. Safety at workplace is also every employee’sresponsibility. All employees and visitors to the workplace must comply with safety norms/policies/standards as prescribed by the company and applicable law. All employees must ensure that no unsafe act is committed at workplace. Employees must also undertake all possible measuresto eliminate any unsafe condition assoon asthey become aware ofit. If an employee witnesses any unsafe act or unsafe condition,they should reportthe matterto relevant authorities at the earliest.


All employees are expected to maintain a drug-free environment at workplace and refrain from substance abuse of any form while performing your duty within premises or outside of it. Employees are also prohibited from selling, distributing, possessing or encouraging othersto use controlled substances.

Open door communication

GOLPEAR believes that the work environment should be free from any kind of bureaucracy and all employees must have access to other employees regardless of their position or influence in the company. All managers are expected to foster an open door culture attheworkplace.

Personal Information Privacy

GOLPEAR is committed to protecting personal information that is shared by employees during the course of employment, consistent with applicable data privacy laws, including the rules surrounding the collection, processing, use,transfer and disclosureof personal information. It is expected that employees whose job responsibilities include the collection, modification, transfer, processing, storage or use of personal employee information will comply with the applicable data privacy laws and otherinternal controlsthat protectthispersonal information.

Conflict-of-Interest Policy

Conflicts of interest occur when an employee, contractor, or job applicant’s personal interests may not align with company needs or interests. If an employee uses their position for personal gain, engages in activities that will increase competitor profits, or acts in ways that could compromise the company’s legal position, these behaviors are considered conflicts of interest.


The company does not prohibit personal relationships between employees of the same level. However, this company prohibits relationships between junior and senior employees. Employees are expected to maintain professionalism in the workplace regardless of the status of their relationship.

Honesty& Integrity

All employees are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of honesty and integrity in their conduct at all time while representing GOLPEAR and conducting business on behalf of GOLPEAR. Towards this end, every employee is required to be straightforward and honest in their professional and business relationships, be truthful about the servicesprovided,the knowledgepossessed and experience gained.