Quality Control

Quality Control And Quality Assurance

Hailing with a motive to serve quality products Golpear does not disappoint its customers. No more scope for badgering as our team substantiates efficacy throughout the making process. From the very beginning of fabric sourcing to fabric cutting, stitching and all the way to packing we corroborate sufficiency. Each and every employee is given rigorous training to personally ascertain acceptable levels of performance. Attempts to perfectly deal queries with an efficient QA team leaves no space for error and ensures the superiority of our products to our clients.

We at Golpear value the quality of every single garment at every single step. We ensure and apply these values of craftsmanship through our:


The tale of each yarn begins from the innate perception to shape garments with irreplaceable quality. Our diverse team with distinct duties shows extreme perseverance and dedication into this output. Cutting being the crucial prerequisite for balanced stitching, our team of expertise enables it with proper marking, balanced laying, numbering bundling, and numerous other techniques. The collective action of cutting contributes much to the primordial birth of each clothing.


Dating back to the Gupta period, stitching was solely hand-made. Later, the Mughal Period saw a gradual mechanization of weaving under colonial intervention. The heritage was hugely replaced thereafter. GOLPEAR, paying tribute to the history of clothing, establishes its stitching technique, interwoven with its eminent history. We are enriched with technically high-end machines of good international brand, abled workers for handling machinery works. Our stitching unit accomplishes its works in all alluring stitching techniques and other innovative techniques of our own.



 Healthy packing is GOLPEAR promise for its customers. Eco-friendly packaging that suits the garment’s characteristics is essential. Packaging that reaches to the end customer without disturbing the garment value and charm is our priority.